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Installment purchase is the perfect payment method for online shops, at the point of sale, and in direct sales through financing amounts from €200 to €10,000.

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easyCredit-Ratenkauf Merchant Benefits

Your Benefits of Installment Payments as a Merchant at a Glance

Larger Shopping Carts Confirmed by 82% of Our Merchants*; Increased Revenues Confirmed by 86% of Our Merchants*, Happier Customers Confirmed by 92% of Our Merchants*
Two-thirds of all consumers consider a diverse range of payment methods as excellent service. For shopping carts over 500 Euros, installment purchase ranks among the top three preferred payment methods. Results of the merchant survey by Psyma Research + Consulting 2022.

Product Details of easyCredit-Ratenkauf

All Essential Information at a Glimpse

With easyCredit-Ratenkauf, we offer you and your customers a fast and convenient installment payment solution, for transactions between 200 and 10,000 Euros. Quick and straightforward completion by the customer with real-time credit decisions. At the Point of Sale, in E-Commerce, and in Direct Sales.

Target Audience Customers aged 18 and above, residing in Germany. Creditworthiness required. No general rejection of retirees or based on age. Self-employed individuals excluded.
Financing Amount 200 – 10,000 €
Term 2 – 60 months
Installment Min. 20 €
Interest rate Fixed interest rate throughout the entire term, independent of creditworthiness and duration.
SCHUFA-Request Conducted solely in the form of a condition inquiry.
Revocation For the revocation of financing: 2 weeks from order completion, in writing.
Special repayment Use for automatic installment reduction, use for term shortening upon explicit customer request, always free of charge. Note: Payments < 3 installments do not constitute special repayment; use for advance payment of installments.
Settlement amount Possible at any time, free of charge and without observing deadlines.
Installment increase No installment increase possible.
Installment plan change

Appointment rescheduling : 1st to the 15th of a month or vice versa
Requirement : Blocking period between two rescheduling dates is 6 months

Deferral : up to 1 month Suspension of the installment
Requirement : account opening > 6 months / blocking period between two installment plan changes 6 months

Bridging rate : temporary rate reduction once in 12 months (2-3 months by 20% to 50%)
Requirement : Account opening > 6 months / remaining term ≤ 90 months / blocking period between two installment plan changes 6 months / last bridging installment was paid at least 12 months ago

Term extension : by at least 3 to max. 36 months
: Account opening > 6 months

Cash flows
  • The first installment will be collected from the customer no earlier than 30 days after delivery/POS purchase on the first of the month
  • 16 weeks time until notification of delivery/purchase = 16 weeks promise of payment
  • Standard payout 16 days after ordering
  • Payment advice for every transfer with details of all individual transactions
  • CSV file with a month's transaction overview including fees, as well as separate monthly billing of fees
Schedule Delivery: max. 16 weeks after order 1st installment: on the first of the month, min. 30 days after delivery, 16 banking days
Customer service & advice for installment purchase customers
  • In-house customer support via telephone, email, (video) chat
  • Self-service via customer portal or mobile app, the customer receives access data on their cell phone
  • Own in-house debt collection, no assignment of claims to third parties

Customer Benefits of installment purchase

239 Fast Launch
Fast and convenient without proof of salary and paperwork.
010 Money Refund Euro
Early repayment and payment pause are free of charge.
248 File Signed
Clear overview without hidden costs and fees.
054 Referral
Certification is done directly by customers.
082 Security Badge
Maximum protection of payment data is top priority.
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Service & Integration

Whether in the online shop or at the Point of Sale: Become an installment purchase provider in three steps!
  • Is your system compatible?

    Here you will find our range of ready-made installment payment modules for the use of easyCredit-Ratenkauf in all common shop systems. The modules are available for free download.
  • Become a Partner!

    On the following page, you have the opportunity to register for easyCredit-Ratenkauf. There you will also find all the necessary contract documents to be able to offer installment purchase in your own business.
  • Easy integration

    We show you how easy it is to integrate easyCredit-Ratenkauf into your online shop. Our manuals and guides help you with the installment payment plugin-integration.

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